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Our Community


Saratoga Independent School is a small, close-knit community of students, teachers, staff, and parents working together to cultivate an environment that emphasizes kindness, curiosity, courage, compassion, collaboration, humility, responsibility, and humor. Through individualized attention, students are enveloped in this atmosphere through their daily learning and sharing of ideas; in games, sports, and other team-building experiences, such as the Buddy program, which pairs older and younger students; in their participation in the routines of the day, such as morning-meetings and Circle-Up at recess; and in their experiences in after school clubs and activities. 

β€œWe take care of ourselves, each other, our school, and our community”

A highlight of our community is fun, which comes in many varieties! Our students discover that work can be fun when friends work together toward a common goal, whether that is weeding the garden together, packing boxes of toys for kids in need, or playing games at Carnival, an end-of-year festival planned and organized by students. Spirit Days, Morning Music, special celebration days in the cafeteria, and Field Days all add to the enjoyment of life and friends that supports the rigor and challenge of studies in our classrooms. SIS students feel a part of something bigger than themselves and learn early that they can make a difference in the small community of SIS and in the world.

β€œThe teachers at SIS are able to be so much more creative and tailor their approach to fit the learning needs of each individual student. The lessons are so much more hands-on and the approach, in my opinion, is much more effective and engaging for the kids. The other thing that I will say is that the middle school environment really allows the students to keep being kids for a few more years. The fact that they still have recess is amazing. The feeling of the community in the middle school is wonderful - the kids are kind to one another and it feels like everyone is friends with everyone.”