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Diversity and Inclusion


When we talk about caring for others, we mean all others,  with recognition and appreciation of the differences that make us  who we are.  Two years ago, a group comprised of parents and staff joined together to form a Diversity and Inclusion group.  In a world that often challenges assumptions and beliefs about equality and the inherent worth of all people, we encourage conversation about our own assumptions and beliefs, aware of the ways in which our conscious and unconscious attitudes affect our children. The goal of the D&I group is to promote our own and our children's awareness, understanding, and  behavior regarding difference and inclusion.

The work of SIS's D&I group has informed our own community's practice. The group has been invited to present workshops in venues beyond SIS, offering the opportunity for broader conversation about How to Talk with Children About Race and Race in Children's Media.


Diversity and Inclusion Resources:

TV Shows with Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Books with Racial and Ethnic Diversity

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