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Board of Trustees


The Saratoga Independent School Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the care and well-being of the school. Composed of individuals with diverse experience and backgrounds, trustees include parents of students and leaders from the community.

The Board adopted the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Principles of Good Practice. These principles define high standards and ethical behavior in key areas of independent school operations.

Our Board of Trustees provides strategic guidance with respect to long range planning, marketing, facilities, program & campus expansion, governance, financial assistance, development, and finance.  The Board of Trustees relies on your support and feedback to make accurate, informed decisions.  Should you be interested in serving on a committee, please speak to either Julie Fuller or Robert Ahrens.

2020/21 Board of Trustees
Sharon Aibel, P '10, '12, '17
Heath Ames, P '21
Vanessa Banks, P '27, '29
Jay Arnold, Vice Treasurer
Jason Brooks, P' 24, '27
Michael Buckley, CFRE, Secretary
Cora Burns
Julie Fuller, P '21, '24, President
David Greco
Brandon Himoff, P '22, '24
Allison Karcher, P '24, '27, Vice President
Catherine LoMonico, P '22, '25
Joanne Mcdonough, MD P '23, '23
Jennifer Smith, P '28, Treasurer
Nick Tolosky, P '31
John Westney, P '21
Meredith Woolford, P '30, '31
The current committees are:
Governance Committee assists the school with policy development, compliance, creating best practices & board recruitment.
Development Committee provides guidance to fundraising and awareness events, and works closely with the Director of Development to support efforts to secure major gifts for the school.
Marketing Committee works to increase the public awareness of the school through various advertising initiatives.
Finance & Audit Committees steward the fiscal health of the school, monitor expenses and income, and assist with budget projections and other financial matters.
Facilities Committee works to see that the School’s facilities support its educational mission. This Committee works closely with the Director of Operations on matters related to the campus as well and building maintenance and expansion.