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Board of Trustees


Saratoga Independent School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The Head of School and Board of Trustees are responsible for the overall stewardship of the school. They work individually and collectively to ensure SIS operates smoothly and follows its mission. The Board of Trustees comprises volunteers from within and outside the school community.

The Board is charged with taking the long view and creating a school for future generations. As such, the primary work and focus of the Board are long-range and strategic, and the Board of Trustees acknowledges that its duties involve governance, not management. The Board endeavors to align with the principles of good practice for board and individual trustees as outlined by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). These principles define high standards and ethical behavior in key areas of independent school operations.

2023/24 Board of Trustees
Ashley Budd
Jason Brooks, P' 25, '27
Michael Buckley, CFRE, Chair
Erica Fuller, P' 25, 27
Brandon Himoff, P '22, '24
Adam Hostetter
Thomas Hunt
Allison Karcher, P '25, Immediate Past Chair
Samantha Kercull, Secretary 
Jennifer Smith, P '28, Treasurer
Nick Tolosky
The current committees are:
Governance Committee assists the school with policy development, compliance, creating best practices, and board recruitment.
Development Committee provides guidance to fundraising and awareness events and works closely with the Director of Development to support efforts to secure major gifts for the school.
Finance & Audit Committee stewards the school's fiscal health, monitors expenses and income, and assists with budget projections and other financial matters.
Facilities & Risk Management Committee works to see that the School’s facilities support its educational mission. Committee members work closely with the Directors of Operations and Finance to ensure all school aspects are safe and follow local and state regulations.