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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is SIS's dress code? 
     A.  While we don't have uniforms, we do expect all of our students to dress in a way that respects themselves and their
Q.  Is lunch provided?
     A.  We have a cafeteria that provides lunches for a fee.  Prior to every month, a lunch menu will be emailed home and you
    must pre-purchase the lunches of your choice through the FACTS Family Portal.
Q.  What after-school opportunities are there for students?
     A.  SIS provides after-care for a fee for all students.  We also offer a variety of clubs and sports that change throughout the
     year.  Emails will be sent home when it is time to sign-up for clubs with the club information, grade levels, and fees.  Some
     examples of previous clubs are soccer, running, basketball, French, cake decorating, guitar, skiing, etc.   
    CLICK HERE to learn more about student life at SIS
Q.  Where do students matriculate after 8th Grade?
     A.  Our students leave SIS prepared to be successful in any high school that they choose.  We have some students who go on  
     to boarding schools, local private schools, and local public schools.  CLICK HERE to find out more about our Alumni.
Q.  What is your average class size?
     A.  Our average class size is 10 - 15 students.  CLICK HERE to find out more about our strong academics.
Q.  What specials are there at SIS?
     A.  Here at SIS all students participate in specials.
          PreK:  Spanish and music.  PE and art are included as part of the PreK play-based curriculum.
          K-5:  Spanish, music, art, PE, and technology.  Health and French are added in 5th Grade.
          Middle School:  Music, art. PE, and health.  Spanish or French are a core subject and technology is integrated into the daily curriculum,  across all subjects.
          CLICK HERE to learn more about our Enrichment Programs.
Q.  Who do I contact if I need to pick my child up early/change my dismissal plans?
     A.  Please contact our main office at  We appreciate all changes being emailed prior to 2 pm if possible.
Q.  Who do I contact if my child will be absent/late?
     A.  Please contact our main office at  We appreciate all changes being emailed prior to 9 am if possible.
Q.  My child forgot something, where can I drop it off?
     A.  If the item is urgent, please bring it to the main office and we will ensure it reaches your child.  However, if the object was
     your child's responsibility, consider letting this be a learning moment.  We'll make sure they have a snack plus lunch and can
     participate in classroom activities, but the inconvenience of missing an item can help students learn responsibility and
     accountability in a safe and supportive environment. 
Q.  How safe is the campus and building?  Are doors always locked?  Do you have the required drills?
     A.  Our campus is very safe.  All of our outside doors are locked and require a key to enter the building.  All visitors and guests    
     are verified by the main office when they check-in.  We follow all state guidelines for emergency drills and plans.  CLICK HERE
     to learn more about our campus. 
Q.  Do you provide transportation for my child?
     A.  While SIS does not have any buses, our local school district does provide transportation for students that live within 15
     miles from our campus.  You must contact your local school district's bus garage to set up bussing for your child. 
Q.  Do the students go outside every day?
     A.  Our students go outside every day as long as the weather allows.  All PE classes are held outside on our beautiful 60+ acre
     campus unless the weather is unsafe.  Students at all grade levels have recess daily and teachers will often teach classes