Below you will find a number of reflections from our students, parents and alumni on why they feel Saratoga Independent School is/was the best choice for them:

Current Students:

“What I love most about SIS is that the teachers know you as a learner and a person … it’s my second home.”

“One thing that I like about SIS is that there is the close community.  Everyone knows one another.  I used to go to a bigger public school and you only knew the kids in your grade or class.”

“One of my favorite things is that it is multi-age and we get to learn with all different grades at once.  It’s not your age, it’s your ability.  SIS makes us more creative.”

“When I first came to SIS I wasn’t nervous at all.  I felt like a whole part of my brain was unlocked, and I finally understood learning.”


We love everything about the before and after program and the teachers every day.  Mostly the care and compassion.”

“You will not find a better school than this! The teachers are amazing, class size is small, and lessons are geared towards individual learning styles. So much of what they do is hands on, and emphasis is placed on individual responsibility (at age appropriate levels) from the beginning. Even more than that, there is an incredible sense of community.”

“We moved our daughter to SIS after 3 years in public school. We were concerned that once she made it to a certain level in a subject, less attention was paid to her educational needs. At SIS, she is challenged everyday and teachers provide frequent and detailed feedback on her progress. It was a difficult decision to remove her from public school where most of her friends went, and enroll her in a private school where we had to pay for her education. She has made a lot of new friends, and her focus at SIS is learning, not socializing (although there’s still plenty of that too)! As far as paying tuition, it is a great value for the level of education she is receiving and financial assistance is available for those who need it. Don’t let cost deter you from pursuing SIS – it is truly worth every penny! The staff at SIS cares deeply about the kids, and is passionate about making every student succeed educationally and socially. They provide a stable, fun environment where my daughter is thriving. I give SIS my highest recommendation. Our only regret is that we didn’t enroll her sooner!”

“We love SIS! The teachers and curriculum are fantastic. The emphasis on individualized instruction combined with a thoughtfully designed curriculum is not matched by any other school in the area. Science and social studies are as valued as language arts and math in K-6, and students get plenty of arts, music, Spanish, and physical activity every day. ”

“My children have been absolutely THRIVING at Saratoga Independent School.  The kids don’t just learn lessons, they learn HOW to learn. They learn to be responsible, organized, diligent students. The focus is on each child’s personal best, and there is great pride in their own achievements and celebrating the achievements of the other students. I love the way they work together, help and support one another and truly thrive.”


“I spent many years at this amazing school and got to know so many wonderful people. From the very first day I walked into the great room in my little red velvet dress I felt very welcome. From my first day to my last day where I was given a big hug from all of the teachers.  Not a day has gone by where I have not felt welcomed into this beautiful community. This school has helped shape me into the person I am today, and I am forever grateful.”

Building friendships with my peers and friends of different ages.  I loved having an older student be my Buddy, then becoming a buddy when I was older.”

“Having spent 9 years at SIS, I have many great memories!  Morning meeting, Thanksgiving Feast, Kite Day, recess on the sledding hill, and camp.  SIS was like my second family looking back, and the family atmosphere made it a great learning environment.”

“It was at SIS that I first became interested in politics during the 2004 election and my interest hasn’t stopped.  It was a great place to go to elementary school because of the individualized attention from teachers.   Projects were always fun and creative and didn’t feel like home work.  I really became a person there.”

“I love the morning meetings and knowing everybody’s name. It was so fun everyday learning. The teachers are so nice and the best I’ve had. The multiage learning helped me integrate with people of other ages. My love of learning increased more and more everyday. Everything about it was great.”

I remember coming in to school everyday, excited for the day to begin, and gathering around in a circle in morning meeting surrounded by all of my friends and great teachers. I always looked forward to challenges.”

“I have a lot of fond memories of my time at SIS. The best thing for me was that at SIS, I always felt I could be who I was. As a ‘stranger’ from a different country, I felt accepted and appreciated from the moment I joined SIS. There always was a lot of interest in my background and a lot of effort and cooperation to make my years at the school as good as possible. I loved the school building and its location with so much green surrounding it and I also loved the teaching method with themes, a lot of (hands on) projects, field trips etc, the vegetable garden. I loved the traditions of the Halloween parade and the Thanksgiving dinner.”