Below you will find a number of reflections from our parents on why they feel Saratoga Independent School is the best choice for their child.

You will not find a better school than this! The teachers are amazing, class size is small, and lessons are geared towards individual learning styles. So much of what they do is hands on, and emphasis is placed on individual responsibility (at age appropriate levels) from the beginning. Even more than that, there is an incredible sense of community.
– A Parent

We moved our daughter to SIS after 3 years in public school. We were concerned that once she made it to a certain level in a subject, less attention was paid to her educational needs. At SIS, she is challenged everyday and teachers provide frequent and detailed feedback on her progress. It was a difficult decision to remove her from public school where most of her friends went, and enroll her in a private school where we had to pay for her education. She has made a lot of new friends, and her focus at SIS is learning, not socializing (although there’s still plenty of that too)! As far as paying tuition, it is a great value for the level of education she is receiving and financial assistance is available for those who need it. Don’t let cost deter you from pursuing SIS – it is truly worth every penny! The staff at SIS cares deeply about the kids, and is passionate about making every student succeed educationally and socially. They provide a stable, fun environment where my daughter is thriving. I give SIS my highest recommendation. Our only regret is that we didn’t enroll her sooner!
– A Parent.

We love SIS! The teachers and curriculum are fantastic. The emphasis on individualized instruction combined with a thoughtfully designed curriculum is not matched by any other school in the area. Science and social studies are as valued as language arts and math in K-6, and students get plenty of arts, music, Spanish, and physical activity every day. Community building occurs through daily activities and a theme that the whole school focuses on for the year. Our child loves going to school every day!
– A Parent.

My children have been absolutely THRIVING at Saratoga Independent School. Rather than focusing on test taking and/or ‘teaching to the test’, they teach to the child and focus on the process. The kids don’t just learn lessons, they learn HOW to learn. They learn to be responsible, organized, diligent students. The focus is on each child’s personal best, and there is great pride in their own achievements and celebrating the achievements of the other students. I love the way they work together, help and support one another and truly thrive. The teachers really know each child and how they best learn. I also love that there is continuity – the same group of teachers have known my kids since they started at the school, and rather than having to start at square one each fall, they can pick up where they left off. And the teachers are absolutely wonderful – from the ones who have been there for years, to the new hires that merged seamlessly with the team, you could not ask for a better, more qualified staff. My kids LOVE school, and are truly happy to be there, and I find it to be worth every penny we spend to keep them there.
– A Parent.