School Culture

School Motto

We take care of ourselves, each other, our school, and our community.

School Meetings

Each morning, the entire student body congregates in the Great Room for Morning Meeting.  Children welcome each other by saying good morning, making eye contact and shaking hands.  They are then presented with the Daily Challenge which they work together in small groups to solve.  At Morning Meeting, school faculty share some of the highlights of the day’s schedule and open up the floor for students to present their work to their peers.  The audience is welcomed to congratulate the presenter or offer constructive feedback on their presentation.

What Does an SIS Student Embody?

Intelligence.  Friendliness.  Compassion.  Creativity.  Many words come to mind, but a frequent piece of feedback we hear from parents, community members and visitors to the school is in regards to how well our students treat each other and how respectful they are.  This is an example of the results that come from learning in an environment in which a high priority is placed on respect and caring for one another.  Developing a genuine concern for your fellow student, your teachers and others is at the heart of what Saratoga Independent School is all about.