Multiage Learning

Multiage Learning

Grounded in research on child development, our multiage approach recognizes that children’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional abilities develop on a timeline and in a sequence that is unique for each child. Rather than teaching a one-size-fits-all curriculum that targets the middle, Saratoga Independent School teachers use a variety of approaches to reach every student, no matter his/her age, strengths or learning style. By teaching to the whole class, small groups and individuals, every student is challenged to reach great heights.

Other benefits of a multiage classroom include:

  • Children take leadership roles by mentoring other students, and receive the support of classmates in their efforts to learn and grow.
  • Children have more positive attitudes toward school, themselves, and their peers.
  • Children become self-regulating and help each other.
  • Each child’s development continues to the next level without competition or comparison.
  • The structure lends itself to a more integrated curriculum approach.
  • Team-teaching and a family-like atmosphere produce a better learning environment.
  • Education is viewed as a process, not a product.