New Middle School


The Saratoga Independent School is committed to its goal of establishing a 6th, 7th and 8th grade Middle School, to open with its first 7th grade class in 2019.  To that end, we are developing a timeline for growth that is realistic, fiscally responsible and allows us to remain true to our mission and to the children that we serve. The Board of Trustees thanks our families, faculty and staff for their ongoing support and enthusiasm about the future of our unique and strong school community.

By adding a Middle School that would encompass the 6–8th grades, we can continue our excellent curriculum of differentiated education throughout the critical adolescent years.  The same philosophies of developing the whole child, creating individualized learning experiences, critical thinking and problem solving will be present as students move to the next stage of learning in the new Middle School.

The new Middle School  will be an incredible opportunity for students and families who are seeking an exceptional educational experience for their children.  Our increased presence will enhance the  Saratoga community’s options for rich learning experiences and rigorous academics for students through 8th grade.

The opportunity before us now is to complete the remainder of our new wing by finishing  four additional classrooms and administrative offices on the first floor, and to complete the second floor, including: four classrooms, a library, an art room, science and computer labs, and a large multi-purpose room.  This new space will enable Saratoga Independent School to increase enrollment of its current elementary school incrementally, with our mission as a small school always in mind, and to add a Middle School.

Please check back for updates as we progress with this project!