Our Campus

The Saratoga Independent School’s Anderson Campus is located on 60 beautiful acres that are rich with discovery and opportunity.  The school building consists of an East and West Wing, Great Room and classrooms encompassing over 38,000 square feet. The new 20,000 square foot Academic Wing was built in 2016.

Woven into the curriculum are chances for students to explore and conduct research on the varied terrain of the school grounds.  In science class students plant tulip bulbs in a variety of locations to study the effects of the environment on growth. They learn to track animal prints when studying local wildlife, and learn how to locate vegetation used for cooking, decorating or healing.

During recess and aftercare, fun abounds in the two play areas. Sledding down the big hill is a favorite recess activity, as well as walking our nature trail.

The expansive fields are used for physical education classes, after-school activities and summer programs. Soccer, snowshoeing, kickball, kite flying and treasure hunts are among the many ways students discover nature and play games in the large outdoor space. Bird feeders and houses, flowers and trees are found throughout the campus, making bird and butterfly spotting a favorite activity for students.