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SIS Selects a Mascot!


In its over 25 year history, Saratoga Independent School was missing one thing – a mascot!  Just before breaking for the holidays, students, faculty and staff voted via referendum on a school mascot proposed by the fifth grade class.

After much thoughtful discussion of mascot options, our fifth graders picked their favorite, the moose, for its connection to SIS through our M.O.O.S.E. books and our Adirondack style and location.  M.O.O.S.E. is an acronym for Management of Organizational Skills Everyday, which is used daily as each student’s binder.

Before the vote, fifth graders explained mascots and the voting procedure to the younger students. They delivered and collected ballot boxes (re-purposed tissue boxes). Ballots were then counted by an impartial judge, Mrs. Rypkema (an assistant from the School District, who works with us daily), and we are happy to report that our mascot will be the moose!

We look forward to incorporating learning more about the rare Adirondack moose into the curriculum.