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Press Release: Scholarship Donation



(May 16, 2017, Saratoga Springs, NY)  Saratoga Independent School is pleased to announce that a family within the school community who has created the Founders Annual Scholarship Award, has pledged $36,000 to be distributed over the next two academic years.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, is sponsoring 50% tuition, up to $6,000 per student for three students, in combination with 50% Saratoga Independent School financial assistance, thus enabling a full-tuition scholarship.  The purpose of the gift is to provide assistance to qualified students and aid SIS in retaining students for its upper school.  The recipient can be a new or returning student.

These scholarship funds assist Saratoga Independent School in furthering its recruitment goals in reaching out to students who have demonstrated financial need, and will uniquely benefit from an SIS education, with strong consideration for diversity.

Since 2015, this generous family has donated over $100,000 in scholarship funds that have assisted eight students.

Scholarship funds are still available for the 2017/18 academic year.